Sony’s PlayStation 4 Winning the Console War in Germany

Abdullah Awan

Here it is again. No matter how far your are in the gaming world you just can't miss the rivalry between the Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. And the latest addition are the statistics Germany represents in terms of sale of both the consoles. Germany, being the world's fourth largest economy and a population of 82 million is one of the key markets in Europe and any business would be foolish to not recognize the potential Germany has in terms of the sales figures it can churn out.

Sony Sells 4 PlayStation 4 Consoles for Each Xbox One Console Sold in Germany

According to a German trading group 'Boerse', A year after the launch of both the Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, Sony celebrates victory in Germany over the Microsoft's Xbox One which is usually more common and popular in the U.S. than Europe. In the current race for supremacy in the Germanic market, Microsoft has, since its market launch in November 2013, sold a total of 270,000 units whereas it's Japanese counterpart, the Sony PlayStation 4, has sold 1.2 million units of its next-gen console which amounts a difference even grater than 4 times between the consoles. Back in June the ratio was 3 PlayStation 4 consoles to 1 Xbox One console which has, since then, risen considerably in the favor of Sony.

So Microsoft is in Germany far behind expectations and it is a bit disappointing to see such a one sided turn of events. At the release of Xbox One in Germany back in November 2013, the then-Xbox-Germany boss Oliver Kaltner announced that within a year the market share of the Xbox One will increase by "ten percentage points to 40 percent." But instead, Microsoft has lost more market share and Sony continues to dominate the German market with a stronger hold.

And it's not just Germany, Internationally Microsoft is lagging behind aswell with to date sales of the PlayStation 4 amounting to 16.1 million and Xbox One lagging behind with a total figure of 9.1 million whereas the previous versions, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 had a more equal head-to-head race.

So basically Microsoft has a lot of work to do in catching up to its opponent and getting back to it's prime as it no longer serves just as a multimedia device, something it was marketed at at the time of its release, and its base market are hardcore gamers or people just looking to fun basically depicting that its purpose is no longer defined as just a multimedia device.

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