New Sony Patent Shows Network-Connected PlayStation Controller for Cloud Gaming

Aernout van de Velde

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently filed a patent for a new network-connected PlayStation controller for cloud gaming.

With companies focusing more on cloud gaming, PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan recently said that Sony’s own game streaming service, PlayStation Now, will be pushed hard this year and the years to follow.  “We obviously have seen the trend in other forms of entertainment towards the mass adoption of streaming as a means of accessing content,” he said. “It would seem likely, very likely, that gaming will follow that trend.”

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Sony recently lowered the pricing for PS Now and this newly filed patent hints that the company is keen on improving its cloud gaming service. Just like Google Stadia’s controller, Sony’s patent shows a controller that connects with the internet to reduce latency. According to Sony, “input latency can be reduced by allowing the controller to send  inputs directly over the network to the cloud gaming server, bypassing the client device.”

The patent’s description reads as follows:

A controller device for user interactivity with a server of a cloud gaming system is provided, including the following: at least one input device that generates inputs for the server; wherein the controller device communicates directly to an access device for connection to a network that connects the controller device to the server without connecting to a client device; wherein the server receives and processes the inputs to render gameplay video that is transmitted over the network for rendering to a display device that is local to the controller device.

We’ve included some drawings that have been included with the patent down below:


While the filed patent doesn’t necessarily mean that Sony will release this network-based new PlayStation controller, it does provide a glimpse at what Sony’s future plans for cloud gaming.

What do you think of this new patent? What are the chances of Sony integrating this tech in its new DualShock 5 controller for the upcoming PS5? Hit the comment down below.

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