Sony on PS5 Backward Compatibility: Putting All Power to Verify Whether “Complete” Compatibility can be Achieved


From the looks of it, complete PS5 backward compatibility isn’t definitive yet as the development team is still verifying whether this can be secured.

Earlier this year, Sony officially confirmed the existence of a new PlayStation console, the PlayStation 5. As the console is partly based on the architecture of the PlayStation 4, backward compatibility with PS4 games was confirmed. However, in a new statement given to Japanese outlet Famitsu, Sony has said that, while the console has been designed to achieve backward compatibility with PS4 titles, the development team is currently hard at work to verify whether “complete” backward compatibility can be achieved.

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“We will do our best to ensure that the development team can ensure complete compatibility now. We are verifying”, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s official announcement reads”. “Please wait for further information.”

It’s unsure whether this SIE refers to complete backward compatibility with all previous PlayStation console or solely compatibility with PS4 titles, but we’re pretty sure that the team will manage to get most of the games working on the PlayStation 5. As with all backward compatible consoles, it is likely that some games will suffer from minor glitches.

As always, we will keep you updated on this matter.