PlayStation 5 Will “Absolutely” Be Backwards Compatible with PS4 Games, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman Insists

Feb 1, 2019

Sony’s nex-gen console, the PlayStation 5, will certainly be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman has stated.

Digital Foundry’s staff writer took to Twitter about the matter, and stated that there’s “zero question” that Sony’s upcoming new console will be able to play PlayStation 4 titles as well.

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“It will absolutely have this”, he replied when asked about backwards compatibility. “Zero question.”

While his tweet isn’t an official confirmation in any way, Linneman believes that backwards compatibly has once again become a selling point. Supporting the feature on the PS4 wasn’t possible due to the hardware architecture of the PS3, but the x86 architecture of the PS4 allows for easy implementation on the PS5.

“Well, get ready to be proven wrong then”, he said. “It’s become a key selling point once again. PS3 BC was never going to happen but x86 PS4 will be a piece of cake.”

He added, “Why do you think they went x86? To avoid including two sets of chips as they did on PS3.”

In a follow-up tweet, Linneman further explained his reasoning. “Yes. Also, PS3 compatibility on PS4 was never going to happen. The PS4 simply lacks the hardware to pull it off. The Jaguar isn’t emulating a Cell and they didn’t have the foresight to build include hardware designed to speed things up. Again, there’s a reason they went x86.”

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As reported earlier this week, the PlayStation 5 is reportedly Sony’s main focus right now, and PS5 dev units are said to have been distributed.

Do you believe the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 titles? Hit the comments down below.