Sony hands out console bans to PSJailbreak users

Rizwan Anwer

For years Microsoft has had one thing which the PlayStation 3 lacked, users getting banned for using the iXtreme hacked firmware for the XBOX 360, every now and then when a game got leaked on the XBOX 360 Microsoft would begin a ban hammer frenzy where they punished people who are playing the leaked games on their XBOX 360's and serve them a delicious plate of "perm ban" and now it seems Sony has decided to apply the same technique to the naughty boys and girls who are thinking of defiling the beautiful PlayStation 3 with PSJailbreak.

The infamous Error Code 8002A227 is slowly hitting all those consoles which use PSJailbreak and boy is Sony's revenge swift! the code is a ban which Sony serves you, the code can last as little as 4 days and can extend as far as a permanent console ban, so this means that you can kiss your precious trophies, PSN games and EVERYTHING you spent on the PS3 good bye, and you will have to start over from SCRATCH, all your save games, profiles and PSN details will be gone in the blink of an eye if you think about using PSJailbreak with your PS3.

I STILL remember that the makers of this USB stick called it "undetectable" well it looks like they will be eating their own words today with a side order of millions of hate mail from angry customers.

Source: Gamerzines

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