Sony Feels It’s Doing What’s Right For PlayStation With The PlayStation 4 Pro, Not To Match What Competitors Do


Last week, Sony finally detailed the PlayStation 4 Pro console, a new PlayStation 4 mode which will allow players to enjoy games in 4K resolution and with a variety of enhancements not possible on the regular PlayStation 4. Before Sony announced its new console, Microsoft confirmed that they're working on a new, more powerful version of the Xbox One, currently known as Scorpio, with many thinking that the two competitors are trying to up one another with more powerful consoles. However, it seems like this is not Sony's intention.

Speaking with MCV regarding the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony's Jim Ryan stated that the PlayStation 4 Pro console comes as a reaction to what's going on in the market and not by looking at what the competition is doing. He also mentions that the Japanese company feels like they're doing what right for PlayStation with the PS4 Pro.

With Xbox launching an even more powerful machine next year, can we expect some form of tech arms race, with the two of you releasing more powerful machines continually?

Well, they haven’t launch yet. We will do our thing independent to anything that anyone else does. We react to what’s going on in the market, rather than looking at our competitors and matching the things that they do. From our perspective, we’re just doing what’s right for PlayStation.

Jim Ryan also touched upon the mid-cycle fatigue that has always hit consoles up until now. He feels that the PlayStation 4 Pro will lead to a more protracted engagement with the platform for those who bought the regular PS4 at launch.

You occasionally hear of gamers suffering mid-cycle fatigue and moving to other platforms. Is PS4 Pro intended to prevent that?

We anticipate this will lead to a more protracted engagement with the platform from those who perhaps bought PS4 in 2013. As you presume, they might be starting to suffer from mid-cycle fatigue, which could manifest itself with a migration to PC or something else – you know, that’s kind of anecdotal. But the notion of securing on-going engagement with our platform through its entire lifecycle is a very valid one, and indeed one of the reasons behind PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PlayStation 4 Pro consoles launches this November in all regions.