Sony has a BIG Surprise In Store for E3 and It’s NOT the PS4

So apparently Sony has something big lined up for E3 and unfortunately it is not a next generation console nor is it going to be a new Vita since its too soon to release one. According to a french site which directly quoted PSM3 it seems that Sony could be hinting at a "big surprise" for all of it's fans, but what the surprise is still a mystery. I am keeping my fingers crossed for something related to a new Uncharted or possibly a new Metal Gear Solid game but anything can happen.

So it seems that Sony has an ace up their sleeve with the upcoming E3, while the major gaming event is still quite a few days away it seems that the company couldn't help but get fans excited more than they already have, While the announcement was taken from PSM3 there are no hints of any possible answer to their surprise and at best fans and enthusiasts can only speculate and hope for their wishlist games.

The following is taken from the source:

At all according to PSM3 magazine (UK), which states that the manufacturer has reserved at least a "big surprise" that would not be the PlayStation 4.

So now that we are sure that PS4 and the next XBOX are not going to be revealed at this years E3 can anyone wager a guess on what Sony is hiding behind closed doors? My hopes are either for positive news on Agent, Last Guardian or something on Final Fantasy Versus XIII all of which are highly anticipated titles on the PS3 which have gone with little to no news updates in the past. So hopefully Sony will help shed the light on their release dates and possibly let the hungry fans play a demo of either game. But again these are just my thoughts on the "big Surprise" otherwise your guess is as good as mine I suppose, I would love to hear what you guys think Sony is teasing us about now.

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