Sony And Their Exclusives: More On The Way With Alienation

Sony is very good at diplomacy when conducting business with developers and publishers alike. The platform or even the timed exclusives that they've been able to secure have really worked in their favor. And they've received another great exclusive from Housemarque, the studio behind Resogun. They're hard at work on their newest exclusive, Alienation.

Alienation, a persistent universe online game, will follow a social, story-based atmosphere.

Ideally, Housemarque would like to break new ground in how players interact with each other in a persistent open universe.  Their goal is to give an online experience that is unique, and not just another guild/clan/faction system, but something that strives to encourage participation.

Gamereactor was able to chat with a designer on their goals. Getting some insight into the overall ambitions they have for their new IP. When talking about the unique way that story mode would unfold, James Hawkins form Sony's Xdev Studio has this to say:

There is a story flow that you go through, but the whole game is online… So people can drop in and drop out of games, you can call for help from other players, and at any time people can come in and help you out,

So in this regard, then, the universe is only as persistent so long as you're there. They're invited into your group, or can freely come and go, but as soon as you leave, then that instance wouldn't be there. I'll admit that sometimes, even during ESO, I find that I's like to go my own way, and unintended help, regardless of intent, is certainly a bit frustrating. Sometimes you just want to go it alone, you know?

But for Alienation, that doesn't necessarily mean that any kind of solo play is completely out of the picture. Persistent online universes don't have to mean that we can't go it alone when we choose. Star Wars: The Old Republic has a great balance of story (in the beginnings levels) and social play that was available should you choose to play along. Maybe finding a middle ground can help to ease any concerns.


Hawkins was also quick to point out that the game will be structured in such a way that could even make it partly necessary to team up with others. The game mechanics will be more fluid with different players.

I think the key things with the tactics that we're doing, again playing to the depth of the game, is that when we look at all of the powers and the characters, we're really looking for abilities that can create new ways for people to play together.

Alienation is a fast paced 3rd person 4-player co-op MOBA type of game. There should be some PvP elements designed into the final product as well. The game is centered around lots of explosions and lots of death.

Unleash a devastating array of conventional, hybrid and Alien weaponry and eliminate the Alien masses with extreme firepower in massively destructible environments where collateral damage can literally bring the house down!

But with all that action, it should prove to at least be exciting and probably a lot of fun. Even though it might at first seem to fit better as a single player game, the online aspect might actually bring quite a bit to the table. But we won't know for sure until it's released. No release date is available right now, but stick around here and we'll have one as soon as we get one.

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