SOMA’s New Story Trailer Gives a Glimpse into The Demonic Animated Machines in the Underwater Horror


Frictional Games has released a new trailer that gives a small peak into the hell that you'll be placed into in their upcoming horror game, SOMA.

You'll have to survive a nightmarish awakening of machines in SOMA while trapped underwater.

What happened to have these machines that has them gaining consciousness and wrecking havoc across the PATHOS-II facility? The situation is strange, especially for an underwater research facility. Though now you'll have to fight to survive so you may escape by any means necessary, though hopefully not by just jumping out a door, lest the pressure kill you.

The possibilities are near endless here, as the story could take many different twists and turns during play. Could you end up being a robot in and of yourself? Or are you something, or someone, that has been experimented on? Next week we get to find out.

SOMA releases on the PC and PS4 for $29.99 on September 22nd 2015.