Solving GPS no-fix problem on Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Abdullah Saad

Now, please do note that there are dozens of Galaxy S ROMs for over 20 different Galaxy S i9000 carrier versions circulating as of now. So I am not sure, if the following fix will work for everyone else. But it certainly seems to get the job done for me [Baseband Ver: I9000BVJM1 , Android: ECLAIR: BVJM5]. And there is no need for you to root your phone, in order to perform this fix.

1. Dial the following code on your Galaxy S i9000:

  • For ECLAIR: * # * # 1 4 7 2 3 6 5 # * # *
  • For FROYO: * # * # 3 2 1 4 7 8 9 6 5 0 # * # *
  • [without the spaces between them] - Much thanks to Imran Hussain for providing me the code for the Froyo build.

    This should bring you to the following screen

2. Click on Application Settings.
3. Click on Operation Mode and change its value to "Standalone".

4. Click on Start Mode and change its value to "Hot Start".

5. Click on GPS Plus and change its value to "On".

6. Click on SkyHook and change its value to "On".

NOTE: This setting might be missing for users on the FROYO build.

7. Now go back to the first screen and click on SUPL/CP settings.
8. Click on Server FQDN Type and change its value to "AUTO Config".

NOTE: In order to be on the safe side, make note of your custom configuration, in case the fix does not work for you and you have to revert back to original settings.

9. Once you've done all of this, reboot your phone and open Google Maps. This time you should get a fix within 5 to 10 seconds.

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