Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Will Feature The Snapdragon 835 As Its Processor Claims Korean Media

With CES 2017 kicking off in full flow, pretty soon we'll also get to witness this year's flagship smartphones.For H1, it's the Samsung Galaxy S8 that has seen the majority of leaks and rumors surface so far. The Korean tech giant is under a lot of stress after the Galaxy Note 7's failure. To that end, the rumor mill pegs the upcoming S8 with a host of impressive features. One of these will be a brand new 10nm processor ticking under the hood. Today, we've got some more information on the matter. Take a look below to find out more.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Powered By The Snapdragon 835 Claims Rumor

It's a tough race manufacturing flagship smartphones. All companies bring their best on the table, with the slightest detail often allowing manufacturers to take the edge. For Apple, it's about design. For Samsung, it's about hardcore specifications. On that end, the Galaxy S8 doesn't look to disappoint. While details about the device will be confirmed only when Samsung launches it, like always, we've managed to gather a rough idea from the rumor mill.

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Sources have been more generous on the Snapdragon 835, rather than its counterpart, the Exynos 8895. Qualcomm's processor has seen detailed leaks prior to its launch. Now that the company has launched the processor, it's only a matter of time until flagships start to use it. Today, a fresh rumor claims that the Snapdragon 835 will power the Galaxy S8, which really shouldn't surprise anyone at this point.

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The processor choice for the Galaxy S8 is really self evident at this point. What isn't evident are Samsung's plans for the next Exynos. We've seen very little information surface about the Exynos 8895, save the fact that Samsung's looking to launch the processor in two variants. Now, as the Galaxy S8's launch head near, it's not clear what plans the Korean tech giant has for the processor.

Of course, Samsung will launch an Exynos this year. After all, the lineup's highly successful in benchmarks and it would be ill advised to scrap it off in 2017. The mystery that surrounds the next Exynos reminds us of a time before the rumor mill - when secrecy was a common thing for upcoming launches. Other features for the Galaxy S8 are the removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack, no home button, USB Type C and two screen sizes. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the altest.

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