How To Save Cellular Data, Battery Life While Using Snapchat For iPhone

Snapchat is one of the most popular social apps on iOS, and can be a data hog if you make use of the service on a daily basis. From personal experiences, Snapchat cannot be used if your iPhone is at 20% or lower battery. With Instagram, you can browse through your feed even if your battery percentage is at 10%. But if we apply the same case to Snapchat, your device will take a miserable battery based tumble.

The reason behind this is because Snapchat wants to give their users the best possible experience, updating the app almost immediately in the background when something new pops up. You will instantly get notified of new replies or a newly uploaded Snapchat story. All of these automatic updates are handled by Snapchat's built-in real-time feature.

Now that we know the real reason why Snapchat can't run while your iPhone is low on battery or why this app consumes so many data. Let's take things a little further and improve it by using Snapchat's recently released feature called 'Travel Mode.'

The developers behind Snapchat have decided to fix this headache by giving users the opportunity to disable its real-time feature in order to save cellular data usage and battery life as well. We think it is good to have this option enabled while you are traveling across the country or are just on a vacation somewhere awesome, so you don't have to worry about roaming charges nor battery draining too quickly.

Travel Mode is also a good feature for Snapchat users who aren't going anywhere either. You don't want your iPhone to run out of battery faster than normal right? For whatever reasons you have, here is how to turn on the new Travel Mode.

Before we go ahead and get into the tutorial part, we just want you to keep in mind that by enabling Travel Mode, you won't be able to receive everything in real-time on cellular data. In other words, New Snapchat stories, Discovery sections, and Snaps won't load automatically when you launch the app.

How To Turn On Travel Mode In Snapchat For iPhone

1. Launch Snapchat from your home screen.

2. Go to Settings > Manage Additional Services.

3. Move the 'Travel Mode' toggle to the ON position.

And that is how you use fewer Snapchat data and avoid charges from your carrier and save battery life as well in the process. You can download the latest version of Snapchat or update it via the App Store.

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