Sly Cooper Domain Renewal and Rumors Spark Excitement for a Possible Return

Nathan Birch
InFamous Sly Cooper PlayStation

Is Sony planning to dip back into their deep bag of IP with a revival of the fan-favorite Sly Cooper series? While nothing has been officially announced, clues and rumors seem to be pointing in that direction. Much of the current speculation has been sparked by Twitter insider AccountNGT, who claims new Sly Cooper and InFamous games are both in development and that the former will be revealed sometime in the back half of this year.

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AccountNGT has also added the detail that the new Sly Cooper will not be developed by the series’ original creators at Sucker Punch.

To add a bit of meat to these rumors, a Reddit user discovered the Sly Cooper web domain was recently renewed by Sucker Punch. That doesn’t necessarily mean too much on its own, but when you combine it with the Sly Cooper return rumors, it’s starting to feel like there may be some fire behind this smoke. It seems like the upcoming PlayStation lineup may have a somewhat retro bent, as there are also persistent rumors a new Twisted Metal title is on the way. Of course, take all these rumors with a grain of salt until Sony officially announces something.

Speaking of announcements, Sony will stream a new State of Play show tomorrow, although don’t pin your hopes on a Sly Cooper reveal. As usual Sony is being cagey about what the 20-minute presentation will include, but they have said it will focus on “our beloved Japanese publishers,” hinting it will largely be a third-party showcase.

What do you think? Is Sly Cooper sneaking back? And are you excited if he is?

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