Slightly Mad Studios: Project CARS’ Xbox One Physics not “Dumbed Down” From PS4 and PC


Project CARS has been receiving a certain amount of heat for its various issues. One example is a complaint against the game's physics for the Xbox One version. Players have suggested that the physics model used in the Xbox One version of Project CARS is of lesser quality than the PS4 and PC versions.

Slightly Mad assures that this is not the case and explains that the issues that are creating this notion are simply controller related.

Slightly Mad Studios' Ian Bell stated:

“Not at all. It’s purely a controller issue.”

The team is actually using the new patch and Ian Bell claims that “with the patch it feels ace here,” going on to reassure disgruntled players that “it will be with you soon.”

Ian Bell also states that the team is working on more content, with a focus on providing a more varied offering of tracks.

“We’re going with a different philosophy. All of our research shows that most users settle on around 10-20 cars that they enjoy then get slowly bored with the lack of tracks. We therefore aimed at creating a sensible amount of interesting cars and a massive track roster.”

He explains that there will be over 150 cars available but the team is currently focused on getting more tracks out to the players.

“I suspect we’ll build to over 150 cars over time but more and varied tracks should be the main focus IMO.”

We will bring you any new information on Project CARS as soon as it becomes available.