HTC decided to change the display from AMOLED to Super LCD on its Nexus One and HTC Desire devices. Now people are actually confused, as to if the S-LCD is better than the AMOLED or not. According to HTC, it is, and also consumes less power, and so resulting in a longer battery life. In the video below, both displays have been compared against each other. The Nexus One sporting an AMOLED display, and the HTC Desire with its SLCD.

Looking at the above video, we see that the viewing angles are still not as good on the Super AMOLED, but is definitely better than normal TFT screens. Here are some below specifications on SLCD.

We have developed an attractive LCD module product by combining the VSPEC III TM LCD mode for the first time in a mobile phone device and a highly general newly-developed LCD driver. The main feature of this module is that it achieves optical characteristics equivalent to those of organic EL displays. In addition to the optical characteristics, it features low power consumption and low EMI, and thus is a design that takes end product design into consideration. I strongly recommend that you consider using this module.

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