Skyrim: DawnGaurd Trailer Released

Could not wait for make an E3 appearance, Bethesda has just released the official trailer for Skyrim Dawnguard, the new expansion pack coming to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. the first game add-on expansion for Skyrim, will be available first on Xbox 360.

Add-on will be hitting Xbox LIVE first before moving on to PS3 and PC, the download will be available for 1600 Miscrosoft points.

As we all can see some of the new features including the crossbow, Snow Elves, a Snow Prince, and new vampire feeding animations. The Snow Prince could be the voice that is speaking, although it looks like Dawnguard will have some sort of demonic creature looking content like that undead horse.

It appears as if the content surrounding Dawnguard will be focused around destroying some demonic, undead creatures - or perhaps choosing the darker route and joining this evil spirit to take on the Dawnguard and bring and end to the "tyranny of the Sun".

Lets hope Bathesda got some more to tease and reveal for E3.

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