Skype Preview For Android Gets New Features Including Reactions & Camera Integration


Emojis have become an active part of our online conversations. Keeping that in mind, Skype has introduced emojis for video chats in its preview build. Yes, Skype Preview now allows users to shoot emojis while having a video chat. The video-chatting service has got new emoticons and stickers with the new version of Skype Preview (in beta) for Android.

Skype has been facing fierce competition from Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp that now allows video calling too. Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 for a whopping sum of $8 billion, and it looks like it has got a few tricks up its sleeve to make Skype more attractive. Along with emojis for video call, Skype Preview also brings a slew of other features that will help you express more emotions during video chat.

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One of these new features is the "in-call reactions", which takes a cue from Facebook Live wherein you can click on reaction emojis to express yourself. You can now throw in emoji reactions, texts, and photos in a real-time video chat on Skype Preview. Similarly, the other feature is message reactions, which lets you use emoticons to react to messages along with an added ability to send texts in different colors.

Skype Preview

Another cool feature is the "integrated camera" that gives quick access to the camera with a single left swipe, and this feature will make image sharing even simpler. Now you can quickly snap and send it while messaging your friend. All you have to do is - swipe left on Skype Preview app. You can also add emoticons and text on the snap before hitting the send button.

Lastly, there is "find" feature that gives you quick access to find regular information such as news, weather, eateries, videos, sports, and more within the app. You do not need to switch between apps to get the information, as everything can be searched within the app.

In a blog post, Skype writes about the "Find" feature:

Easily find and share links, news, sports results, restaurants, the weather, videos and more without leaving the app. No more switching back and forth between apps; we’re making it easy to bring the content you care about to the conversations that matter

All of these new features are under test, but Android users can give them a try through Skype Preview app. You can download the app from Google Play Store. For iOS users, if you are keen on trying these new features, you need to get enrolled in Skype Insider program.