Don’t Skimp on Backing-up Get a 1 Yr Subscripition to Backblaze For Unlimited Cloud Backups ($24.99)


Have you ever turned on your PC (or Mac) and had a little scare? Maybe it didn't posted by didn't quite make it, couldn't find the OS and something about a bad sector? Some data can be recovered, but it's far easier to be proactive and backup your data frequently. And it doesn't have to be a long drawn out or complicated process.


Backing-up doesn't need to be a big deal, and Backblaze is here to help for only $24.99.

And it certainly doesn't have to a whole day or even be something you think about. So why not use a mere $24.99 to give you peace of mind that's worth significantly more than that. Your files, data and time are precious, so why let accidents and mishaps take any of that away. That $24.99 gets you a one year subscription to an unlimited amount of backing up of your precious stuff.

What Backblaze can do for you:

  • Back up all your photos, movies, music & documents automatically
  • Retain all deleted files for 30 days
  • Back up external drives (USB, Firewall & Thunderbolt)
  • Secure your data in data centers w/ 24-hour staff, biometric security & redundant power
  • Enjoy the security of native Mac & PC coding rather than Java (responsible for 91% of attacks)
  • Back up at optimized speeds so you don’t waste precious hours
  • Locate your lost computer to help recover it