Skate 3 Mobile May Be Happening, Pro ‘Boarder Jason Dill Told EA to Make Skate 4 Instead

Skate 4

After being starved for new content for years, it seems fans of skateboarding games may have something to look forward to in 2020. There are rumors the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games may be getting remastered, and now it seems something might be happening with EA’s much-loved Skate series.

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On the most recent episode of The Nine Club podcast, former pro skateboard and entrepreneur Jason Dill let slip that EA had contacted him about appearing in a new Skate game.

I got a call from the EA people about 10 months ago, and they said, "Hey, we want to talk about the Skate game." I said, that's fine.

[They] said, basically, "We want to do a mobile version of Skate 3." I wrote back, and I said, "What else?" She wrote back, "No, that's it."

Hoo boy. The Skate series has a pretty rabid fanbase and, needless to say, a mobile version of Skate 3 is not the thing they’ve begging for. Not that a mobile take on Skate would necessarily be a bad thing, but you would hope it would launch alongside a more ambitious console title. But hey, at least Dill went to bat for the fans, telling EA they should make Skate 4 instead…

I wrote back, "Hey, no big deal, but nobody wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3. Make Skate f--king 4 already, cuz just, like, do it. Just make the game and participate again. You can't level it up to the same numbers you get on other games, you do it for a cultural thing that pays you back later.

EA Play 2020 will take place in June, with the publisher promising new game announcements. Will a new Skate game be one of them? I have my doubts, but who knows? Maybe skateboarding games are about to have a moment. Here’s hoping.

What was your favorite skateboarding game back in the day? Would you at least try out a mobile Skate game, or is it Skate 4 or nothing for you?

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