Sites to watch E3 2011 Livestream

Rizwan Anwer

Are you wondering where you can watch the E3 livestream? google not giving you the results you want? Well here are a few handful of sites to help you get the best of E3 live.







Here are the timings for the events:

Microsoft - Monday 9:30AM

EA - Monday 12:30PM

Ubisoft - Monday 3PM

Sony - Monday 5PM

Nintendo - Tuesday 9AM

All times are Pacific. So set your clocks accordingly, those of us in Pakistan can expect to watch the first show at 12 AM tonight.

A special mention to TechDeville for posting the links and letting me post them here 🙂

Or if you are not one for livestreams or don't have a capable internet you can also go to E3Feed and if you are a fan of reddit you can visit THIS subreddit.

Be sure to check in frequently over here to, I will cover E3 2011 along with the help of Annhilator. as the updates come 🙂

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