Silent Hill Film Director Says There Are Multiple Games on the Way

Alessio Palumbo
Silent Hill

Silent Hill film director Christophe Gans was interviewed by the French website MaG - Movie and Game during the fifteenth edition of the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival. During the interview, Gans confirmed that Konami is readying multiple Silent Hill games with various development teams.

I know a bit about the next Silent Hill game. I work with the Silent Team, the original creators. I work in collaboration with Konami.

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I'm working with the Silent Team, the original creators at Konami; there are several games in development as we speak, there are several teams on it with a big line of games. They will revive the franchise, I think they were really impressed with the success of the remakes of Resident Evil which are evidently exceptional games.

There have been countless rumors about Silent Hill games over the past few years. For example, just four months ago, we learned that Bloober Team may be remaking Silent Hill 2 with revamped enemy AI and animations, new puzzles, and extra endings. Additionally, a full-fledged sequel is said to be in development at an unknown Japanese studio, while smaller teams (possibly including Annapurna Interactive) are working on smaller games. Last month, we even got some very blurry leaked screenshots of the SH2 remake.

Gans, who directed the original 2006 film, is also working on a new untitled Silent Hill movie project. In the aforementioned interview, he shared a few tidbits (translation via ResetEra):

In this second movie, I'll try to explain that Silent Hill is a place that owes as much to the creatures that live there as what we project on the town. So I'll enter into something way more psychological and way more psychoanalytic in order to try to make people understand that Silent Hill isn't only this strange labyrinth that changes its form but also the projection of tortured and tormented souls and sometimes of extremely paradoxical feelings that can be between mad love and violence.

It looks like franchise fans have no shortage of things to look forward to after a lengthy drought.

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