Silent Hill 2 Remake Supposed Screenshots Surface Online

Silent Hill 2 Remake

For a while, we've seen some rumors regarding a revival of the Silent Hill series. Some of these rumors talked about a remake of Silent Hill 2, a game that's been lauded as a cult classic among Survival Horror fans. Now, these rumors might have some substance behind them thanks to a new set of screenshots that appeared on Twitter.

Twitter user @alej135 was one of the first pages that showed these images. However, this account has protected its tweets at the time of writing, so we cannot tell if they are still there. However, these images were reposted by @the_marmolade... In all of its low-res glory. You can see them below:

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The images shown above show what looks like James Sunderland exploring various environments through an over-the-shoulder perspective. In some of these screenshots, he also appears to be holding a weapon of sorts, and in one of them, he even is shown to be about to engage in combat against one of the iconic Alchemilla Hospital nurses.

Now, the Twitter user also states that the game developer is Bloober Team. We've talked about their involvement with the franchise before, of course. A year ago, the company entered a strategic partnership with Konami to provide content development knowledge. Of course, it was quickly assumed that the primary focus of this partnership would be on Silent Hill.

If there is any credence to these screenshots. The upcoming project by Bloober Team is a Silent Hill 2 remake that will seemingly offer a different perspective on the combat mechanics (as Silent Hill 2 primarily had pre-established camera angles as opposed to an over-the-shoulder perspective), with updated visuals to fit the current year's advancements in gaming technology.

Of course, this is all speculation, and while these screenshots look pretty convincing, there's a high chance that they could be tailored. So as always, we suggest our readers take these with a grain of salt and treat them as a rumor.

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