Silent Hill brings down the rain in Downpour.

Jan 10, 2011

Say good bye to the Fog setting of the Silent Hill series since Silent Hill 1. Everyone knows Fog's are out of style, rain is the new horror theme. Silent Hill: Downpour which was teased at E3 2010, otherwise known as Silent Hill 8.

Silent Hill has always had the story of someone in search for their lost ones and in the end they end up finding more than they bargained for. Silent Hill 8 on the other hand might just turn the tables and this time make the game about survival, the E3 trailer showed a convict seeking refuge in a small house, if this were like any other Silent Hill game there would be an indication that the convict was looking for a loved one. Maybe Konami is throwing the whole "In search of dead loved one" genre out the window and re shaping Silent Hill series?

Source: GameInformer