Silent Hill 8 Teaser Trailer shown

After Metal Gear Solid, the Silent Hill franchise is Konami's top game its one of the oldest and longest running survival horror games after Capcom famed Resident Evil series. But Resident Evil is no longer a survival horror as much as its a action survival game with very little or no horror shown at all. Silent Hill is a classic game series with games dating back all the way to the Sony PlayStation 1.

This game looks very different from the rest from the looks of it you will assume the role of a fugitive on the run from a police officer when he escapes a prisoner transport. This may be the first game where you don't play the role of an innocent person. (well not until the end at least). Silent Hill games are always exciting and help in dull times so I as a loyal fan look forward to this latest installment to the series very eagerly.

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