Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition 2.0 Gets Installer, Launcher, and Audio Fix

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition

Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition was recently updated to version 2.0, which introduces a number of important features to the enhancement project.

For example, there is now an installer program that makes the installation process much easier. Similarly, Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition can now be fully configured before launching the game through a handy launcher tool.

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Then there's the highly anticipated audio fix for the skipping sound that affected all modern PCs with multicore CPUs. Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition now features a custom streaming audio engine that resolves this and also fixes the stutter in cutscenes dialogues. Additionally, the FMV enhancement pack has been further improved by taking advantage of the latest in AI upscaling technology.

You can read the full changelog below, or watch the video recap right after the update notes.

What's New in Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition version 2.0?

  • Added a configuration tool and launcher (SH2EEconfig.exe) to the project
  • Added a new CriWare audio sound engine for the game
  • Added multithreading support
  • Added a new option FullscreenVideos detect and auto set the correct video placement, to replace FMVWidescreenMode
  • Added ability to fix end.bik and ending.bik mismatch
  • Added an option to fix the game crash that occurred when loading Game Result
  • Added ability to Limit noise filter vertex to FMV coordinates
  • Added an option to fix in game Advanced Options menu text
  • Added an option to fix the pause menu "Save Game" button sound effect
  • Added the ability to drop 'd3d8.ini' and 'd3d8.res' if they don't exist
  • Added a fix for the pause menu when "Resume Game"
  • Added an option to enable Alternate Stomp
  • Added an option to position James inside closet after cutscene
  • Added an option to fix the final boss's moth attack and chainsaw sound looping issue
  • Added the ability to display 'free space' in KB, MB, GB and TB
  • Added a fix for the 1 pixel gap in cutscene letterboxes
  • Added a fix for the crash in quick save After Meeting Maria
  • Added an option to specify wrapper type
  • Added an option to fix fade out bug remnant from Xbox
  • Added the ability to allow custom resolution with ResX and ResY
  • Added a fix for the Inventory BGM
  • Added a fix for the BGM issue on loading
  • Added entries to log all loaded modules
  • Added the ability to always launch game window on top of all other windows
  • Added detection if GDI will work for getting front buffer data
  • Updated the mod updater feature to work with the SH2EEsetup tool
  • Updated resolution to be stored in a local file rather than the registry
  • Updated the script dll to load first
  • Updated the audio clip prevention to not using threading
  • Updated Anisotropic Filtering to be disabled by default
  • Updated BeginScene/EndScene pair only once per frame, as documented by Microsoft
  • Updated default window background to black
  • Renamed the SingleCoreAffinity to SingleCoreAffinityLegacy
  • Fixed some issues with delayed start
  • Fixed surface lock emulation when using AntiAliasing
  • Fixed issue with reading texture and video resolution
  • Fixed an issue with the hooking used for the custom mod folder feature
  • Fixed Windows XP compatibility

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