Blizzard Adds Silence Penalty To Prevent World of Warcraft Chat Spam

World of Warcraft Legion Hotfixes new ptr build patch 7.1

World of Warcraft: Legion is approaching fast with its August 30 release date. As usual with the MMO's expansions, though, a pre-expansion patch will be released much earlier and Blizzard detailed one of the changes with a dedicated blog post.

Specifically, they will try to clamp down on the growing chat spam by introducing a silence penalty. It all starts with a player report, as expected, and depending on the report type the account might be restricted in the following ways (after investigation).

Silenced Players Are Unable to: Silenced Players Are Able to:
  • Talk in Instance Chat (Raid, Party, and Battlegrounds)
  • Talk in global channels that are auto joined (such as General or Trade)
  • Create Calendar Invites/Events
  • Send in-game mail
  • Send Party Invitations
  • Send War Game Invitations
  • Send Invitations to Duel
  • Update a Premade Group Listing
  • Create a New List for a Premade Group
  • Whisper to friends (both WoW friends and Friends)
  • Reply to Whispers from Non-friends
  • Party/Raid Chat (with Invited Players)
  • Create Parties and Raids
  • Talk in Global Channels that have a moderator
  • Share Quests
  • Sign up for a pre-made group

The penalty will last for 24 hours on the first strike. The duration will double for each subsequent penalty, with no maximum limit; as a result, spammers might find themselves restricted for a really long time.

World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth expansion to be released by Blizzard. It will raise the level cap from 100 to 110, adding the Demon Hunter class in the process; players will find ten dungeons and two raids at launch.

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