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Shiness Targeting A Spring Release; Will Take You More Than 50 Hours To Fully Complete


In May 2014, Enigami successfully funded its indie RPG Shiness via Kickstarter (with $139,865 in pledges). The manga inspired game is now fairly close to launch and we have reached out to Enigami's CEO & CoFounder Hazem Hawash in order to learn more about Shiness, such as its approximate length.

  • How long will it take to complete the game, in terms of gameplay hours, according to your estimation?
  • If the players just want to rush the main story, it will take them 15 hours to reach the end of Shiness. However, if they want to collect all of the items, search through all the areas and complete all the side quests, they will need more than 50 hours!

There should be plenty of content to keep RPG fans busy for a while, then. Obviously, we also inquired about the release date window and the status of the WiiU version.

  • Can we expect the launch to be in Q1 2016? Also, will the console versions launch at the same time of the PC version? What about the WiiU version? Is it happening?
  • Shiness does not yet have an official release date yet, but we are hoping to make the game available for Spring 2016. About the Wii U version, it’s difficult to answer this question. We really love Nintendo’s universe, and we know that many people want to play Shiness on the Wii U, but it would add some production time. If it’s possible, we really want to improve the global game experience by taking advantage of the Wii U Gamepad.

Shiness should be available at some point in Q2, it seems, though from Hawash's words this probably does not apply to the WiiU version which still isn't fully confirmed.

Come back tomorrow for our full interview. In the meantime, you can take a look at these recent screenshots showing main characters in Shiness.