ShareOn Enables Large File Sharing In Seconds For iOS, Android, Mac And Windows


Enormous file size is a drastic opportunity cost that we consumers face with the advancement of technology. No doubt we're privileged to benefit from better image quality and sound in music but sometimes sharing these files become tough. Sharing heavy and large files take ages to share and sometimes it is even impossible to do so, for instance try sending a file above 25MB on Gmail. The results will be cumbersome yet annoying. Even though you can share these files on a cloud based storage system but that would likewise take hours.

What if we told you that large files can be shared with friends and colleagues with the blink of an eye? Yes! ShareOn enables you to send and share large heavy files in just seconds. Different from the cloud service, ShareOn enables you to either download or stream from the direct connection between devices. This app is really handy if you want to share sound clips or videos with someone you know. Above this, ShareOn is available n all major platforms like Windows or Mac and iOS and Android. With such diversity in platforms, sharing large files is not a problem for ShareOn App.

ShareOn Enables You To Send Large Files On Multiple-Platform

We're here to give you a short tutorial to apply the large file sharing mechanism. Start by logging in through either your Facebook or Google+ account. If you don't have any, you can always make one by putting in the email ID. Then you must create a password for your ShareOn account. Once you're done with making an account you can discover your library consisting music videos and picture as well as checking received and sent files from the icons at the bottom of the application.

Do note that both parties should have ShareOn installed on their devices to enable sharing. The files can be shared at the same time with three people having ShareOn. I myself tried sharing an entire movie from my Android device to iOS and to be honest, I'm thoroughly impressed. I was that impressed that I even tried sending my complete 5GB collection and Im glad to report that it took no more than a few seconds.

Receiving Large Files On ShareOn

At the extreme left you will see a a small mailbox icon which will take you to the received as well as sent items. The files sent have an expiry date of 7 days which will then be deleted automatically. So if you must hold on to them, you will need to download the sent files. If you just want to view them, you can tap the play icon on the application's bottom left.

Watching videos has all the basic features like play, pause, fast-forward, rewind as well as setting the aspect ratio of the video to adjust your screen size. Subtitles can also be turned on and off. To stream what you are viewing on smart TV, speaker or any DLNA supported device, tap the icon on the top right hand side of the app.

Explore Files On Other Devices

Since the multiple-platform feature is what makes ShareOn different and convenient from other applications and cloud services, you can have ShareOn on all of your devices to view any of your files.  You can browse through devices from the browse icon on the top right corner of the app. You also have the access to create a separate folder for all the movies, sounds and images to be stored separately on your device for easy accessing.

You must check out ShareOn, a must have indeed and let us know about your experiences with the app. Did it help you share your large files to other devices? Let us know in the comments.