Shadow of the Beast First Off-screen Screenshots form the PS4 Exclusive Appear Online


The first off-screen shots of the PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Beast have appeared online. Taken from a Sony event in London. Shadow of the Beast was announced at Gamescom 2013, and is being developed by UK studio Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs.

Embark on a ferocious action adventure to dethrone the evil lord Maletoth in this visually stunning game world.

The legend of Aarbron is told once more
Explore the eerie, yet beautiful, world of Karamoon as you discover hidden quests and unravel its darkest secrets in your bid to overthrow Maletoth. Along the way, you will battle hordes of enemies in ferocious adrenaline-fuelled combat, unlocking increasingly brutal moves as you draw power from the blood of your enemies.

Discover the souls of other players and summon them to fight at your side, or to lead the way to new locations, plus enter Survival mode to put yourself to the test against increasingly cunning enemies in endless, brutal combat.

During the PlayStation Experience Heavy Spectrum's Matt Birch talked about Shadow of the Beast.

“It was all spawned by a set of these games I played and they made such a huge impression on me that the world came to life,”

“As a child, my imagination extended to this huge vast experience. So then something amazing happened 25 years later…the PlayStation 4!”

“And finally, the thing that was in my head, had an opportunity to become a game that people can play. Sony were incredibly supportive when we started to talk about this idea.”

“I then started to think about the 25 years of golden era gaming between what that little kid saw and where I am now, and where it could go into the future. That is when we spoke to Sony when we first produced our concept art.”

“So they started to put visions as well and that vision got grander and grander,”

Talking about the Gamescom 2013 trailer he explains:

“Once we started to put this concept work together, we then talked about how we wanted to push forward the game and take advantage of the PlayStation 4, and give gamers a new kind of experience, Sony asked us whether we can put all of this concept into a video, which we managed to do.”

The original Shadow of the Beast  was a side-scrolling platform game produced by Reflections and published by Psygnosis in 1989. It was initially released for the Commodore Amiga, and was later ported to many other systems. Shadow of the Beast was considered revolutionary at the time, because of its graphics, with many more colours on-screen and up to twelve levels of parallax scrolling backdrops. These assets were of a level rarely seen before in action games. It was also notable for its atmospheric score composed by David Whittaker that used high-quality instrument samples. Shadow of the Beast was followed by two sequels, Shadow of the Beast II in 1990 and Shadow of the Beast III in 1992.

Shadow of the Beast will release exclusively for the PlayStation 4. More detail about the game should be announced soon, along with the release of a gameplay trailer.


source: Videogamer