Sennheiser Unveils Its First Wireless Gaming Headset: The Sennheiser GSP 670

At Computex 2019, Sennheiser gave the media a behind the scenes preview of its upcoming wireless gaming headset (the first of its kind): the GSP 670. Sennheiser is aiming to enter the high-end, premium gaming market and will put a hefty price tag of $350 on the headsets. They are planning to tap into their reputation for unprecedented quality of products and the audiophiles out there.

The Sennheiser GSP 670 aims for high end, wireless, gaming audio

We tried out the headset in their private suite and its definitely a well-engineered headset. Its a closed, dynamic design and uses neodymium drivers capable of a frequency range of 10 Hz to 23,000 Hz. Sennheiser also told us that they have added a special punch to the lower frequencies to emphasize explosions and blasts and is definitely one of the more "colored" of their products. The headphone is compatible with PS4 and Macs as well - for those wondering and also has additional bluetooth functionality.


The batteries can last 2 hours on just a 7 minute charge and on full charge can last for up to 20 hours. For best quality and the lowest latency, they suggest using the included dongle which has been optimized for very low latency in the 40ms to 20ms range depending on how many effects you are using. Keep in mind that this is a very good figure, because unlike visual input, your brain is *used* to receiving audio with a slight lag. If a dog barks down the street, you will hear the bark after a slight delay - but will receive the visual input almost instantly. In other words, there should no noticeable lag and it should feel completely real time.

The ear pads are changeable and the mic is extendable. The headset rested comfortably on our heads and should make extensive gaming sessions quite bearable. The microphone includes noise cancellation and voice emphasizing post processing which will make for clear chat. A control wheel to shift between chat audio and game audio is also included. Sennheiser is pitching this as a broadcast quality mic and headphone, which means they are appealing to the streaming market as well. An interesting design feature of the mic is the lift to mute feature. If you put the mic up, it will automatically get muted.

The price tag, at $350, is pretty high for the average joe, but it seems like as usual, Sennheiser isn't trying to target those. They hope that their existing clients and gamers/streamers in the high end market will go for the Sennheiser name over others - and considering their success in this kind of luxury market so far - they might succeed.

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