Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Rush Mod Adds New Play Mode

Francesco De Meo
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Sekiro Shadows Die Twice recently received a new mod which adds a brand new play mode to the game.

The Sekiro Shadows Die Boss Rush mod allows players to fight against all of the game's bosses multiple times. All bosses can be fought in any order by accessing a new menu added to the Dilapidated Temple Sculptor's Idol.

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From the Dilapidated Temple Sculptor's Idol, you can select any boss and be transported straight to that fight. If you are victorious, you can continue to any other undefeated boss or go back to Dilapidated Temple. Bosses can be replayed infinitely. If you die in a fight, the fight will restart. The Homeward Idol animation has been made a lot faster (as in the Faster Homeward Idol mod) so that you can either escape back to the temple or restart the fight.

Warping to a boss puts you directly in their arena, no cutscenes required. The arenas are meant to be hermetic, because the rest of the game world interferes with the mod in various ways. This means that fog gates remain up, doors remain closed, and so on. If you do find a means of escape let me know!

Gourds and health refill automatically when warping from one boss to the next. Spirit Emblem refills require a visit back to Dilapidated Temple.


For all bosses, the first time you defeat them you get a bulging coin purse (1000 sen) and their memory, and the first time you defeat them charmless with Bell Demon you get a heavy coin purse (500 sen). On first and repeat fights you will get XP. Bosses may also unlock shop items.

See below for a full listing of the current rewards and shop contents. You can get to full healing and prayer beads over the course of a run without the challenge modifiers if you don't lose money on death, but not enough to invest heavily in prosthetics or consumables. With challenge modifiers, you can get everything.


The mod streamlines many game mechanics, limiting the game to boss arenas and the Dilapidated Temple. The idol replaces game NPCs, letting you upgrade your prosthetics, healing gourd, resurrection nodes, and manage Kuro's charm and the Bell Demon. Note that going charmless will apply to all future playthroughs, so if you are a speedrunner you may want to back up your save file just in case.

A video showcasing this new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice mod has also been released, and you can check it out below.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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