Give Skyrim an Awesome Toon Makeover with this Impressive Mod; Release Coming Soon


Imgur user UniqueUses has been working on an incredibly impressive mod for Skyrim that transforms Bethesda’s RPG into a cartoon. He recently released a set of screenshots, which be viewed in the gallery below. UniqueUses is expected to make the mod available really soon.

Skyrim can look quite retro with this makeover, which can be a good thing for some....

Most popular games these days strive for realism, and with the amount of competition that exists it's hard to stay on the cutting edge. The visual style of classic titles like The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, has survived the times, and still looks gorgeous and appealing even years after its initial release on the Nintendo Gamecube. What 'UniquesUses' has attempted here is to capture that classic/retro feel, that can give Skyrim a nice fresh look. While it's true that this look might not appeal to everyone, there are some that do appreciate the visual style.

We will bring you any news on the project, as well as any other future projects from UniqueUses as soon as it becomes available.