SEGA To Release First Handheld Micro Games Console: Game Gear Micro


With SEGA's first entry into the micro games console market a commercial success, it's time for their second entry to be released. While a 32X console wouldn't be viable without releasing (nearly) every commercial release on the single console, SEGA does have other console lineups to delve into without busting out the CD-ROM technology. With that in mind, SEGA is going to be the first micro console maker to take a stab at the handheld market with the recent teaser announcement of the Game Gear Micro.

For starters, this thing is absolutely tiny. The official Game Boy Micro runs four inches across and two inches tall, sporting a screen roughly two inches in size. Even with a smaller screen than the Game Boy Advance, because of the increased pixel density compared to its full-sized brethren, it could still pull off a 240x160 resolution display and have readable text.

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Now, all we have to go off of for the Game Gear Micro is a teaser image that you can see above but either the hand model must have a giant grip or this handheld may be more micro in size than we thought. The 160x144 resolution screen on the original Game Gear should be able to scale down nicely into a micro form factor but I have to wonder if this thing will even be as wide as the 6 AA batteries that were needed to power the original.

With over 300 titles in the original Game Gear library, there's a potential for some pretty deep cuts when it comes to the full lineup of games. While I'm personally holding out for Panzer Dragoon Mini and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap to somehow make the roster, I'm curious to know what titles you'd like to see on the Game Gear Micro. Let us know in the comments below!

The Game Gear Micro is currently being teased as part of SEGA's 60th anniversary and an upcoming full reveal of the micro handheld is tentatively scheduled for June 3rd at 13:00 PM Japan Standard Time. So far, it looks like we'll see the Game Gear Micro launch in four colors (black, blue, yellow and red) with an MSRP of 4,980 yen ($45.90 USD). A tentative launch date is set for October 6th with more details still to come.