Secure Your Text Messages With SMS Encryption App


Everyone has that one friend who asks your phone for a phone call, and once you put your mind away for a while, and Woosh! They go into your messages and your privacy is ruined. Your private text messages could be with anyone, your Dad, Mom, brother or any other friend, but for some reasons, thanks to your friends, your conversation does not remain secluded at all. With an increasing number of muggers day by day there has to be something to keep them away.

Well today is your lucky day, because we have an app for you that would encrypt your private messages so unauthorized friends may not be able to invade your privacy. Now, with SMS Encryption app you make sure that the messages are only read by person they are meant for and not anyone else. You can chat with your pal without distressing about your privacy.

SMS-EncryptionSMS Encryption Enables You to Secure Your Texts With A Password

SMS Encryption scrambles your text messages to a secret language involving algorithms. The only thing that you will need to decrypt the secret language is a password or key. The password is devised by the sender and the receiver is advised to put in the same password to read the text message otherwise the text in the message would be encrypted and you won’t be able to understand it. Quite simple isn’t it? The application is just an MB or two and absolutely free. The app does what it’s made for and there is no catch behind it.

You can send any kind of message you want and set your desired key whether it is a noun, a name or even you pets name. Your message would spontaneously be converted to a secret code string which only the receiver be able to crack. The receivers and the sender should share the same code for this whole maneuver to work.

unnamedYou can also use different keys for different kinds of messages.

This application is pretty useful if you want to protect your text messages from being read by a stranger or if you simply don’t want anyone to read your SMS. Download the free app from Google Play Store and provide us with your feedback to help us build a healthy community. Do stay for more updates and leaks coming soon.