How To Take Screenshots On The Apple Watch


The Apple Watch software is very similar, yet also considerably different from iOS in a number of ways. Apple has tried to replicate a number of functions of its main platform to the smaller display, but clearly, Apple Watch has its own identity as well as a completely alternative interface. One feature that has made the transition from old to new is the ability to take screenshots, and if you are wondering how to take a screenshot, this step-by-step tutorial should help you on your way.

Granted, you're probably not going to be taking screenshots on your Apple Watch as frequently as you would on your iPhone, but it's still a very useful tool to have on standby. If you're used to taking screenshots on iOS devices by quickly pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously, you're fairly well prepped to take on the not-so-intricate sequence for capturing screen grabs on your wearable.

In fact, it's dead easy, and to make things even easier, here are the steps.

How to take Screenshots on the Apple Watch

Step 1:

This probably goes without saying, but firstly, you must identify exactly what it is you'd like to keep a screenshot of.

Step 2:

Next, you'll need to press and hold your Apple Watch's side button, and then very quickly press the Digital Crown.

It may take you a couple of practices to get everything correct, but once you've successfully captured a screenshot, it'll be stored in the Photos app on your connected iPhone.

At this stage, your main reason for taking screenshots may purely be to show off to your friends that you own the device. For those that weren't quick off the mark with pre-orders and or fortunate with postage, the Apple Watch may still be weeks away from arriving, and this is before we even consider those living in areas where the smartwatch isn't yet available.

The display of the Apple Watch is fairly small, so it's not likely you'll be screen-grabbing large segments of the Web for viewing at a later date as you might on a smartphone or tablet, but still, it's useful that Apple has implemented this feature right from the start. The fact that screenshots are saved in the iPhone's Photos library once again highlights the bond that these two devices share, and while the Apple Watch boast a reasonably broad feature set as a standalone device, it's infinitely stronger and more useful to the consumer when paired with its partner-in-crime.

In honesty, we'd have probably taken an built-in camera over the ability to take screenshots, but if Apple had gone ahead and done that, we'd have no reason to purchase the next-generation Apple Watch, right?

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