Scarlet Nexus New Mods Introduce Ultrawide Resolution Support, Improved Visuals


Two new Scarlet Nexus mods have been shared online shortly after the game's release last week, introducing support for Ultrawide resolutions and improving visuals.

The UltraWide Fix is a temporary fix that uses UE4 Unlocker with a few tweaks to introduce 3440x1440 and 5120x1440 resolutions. The video below features full installation and tweaking instructions.

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A temporary fix for the game, which allows you to run at 21:9 (2560x1080)


- You can choose to use UE4 Unlocker and have 21:9 scenes or leave 16:9 and play in 21:9

Add new resolutions


The second Scarlet Nexus mod released online yesterday is actually a .ini tweak that fixes some ghosting issues, enables supersampling, and enables the highest quality preset possible. You can download the tweaked file from Nexus Mods.

These ini tweaks fix TAA ghosting (when you move the camera on your character, you see ghost translucent image of it, it's fixed now), and enable cinematic visuals effect (basically, the highest quality preset possible), it also enables supersampling, open files for seeing information about it.

Despite lacking Ultrawide resolution support, the PC version of Scarlet Nexus is definitely solid, featuring full keyboard and mouse controls support and great optimization. The game is also an extremely fun action role-playing game, as I highlighted in my review from last week.

With masterfully crafted action combat, charming characters, and a very interesting setting, Scarlet Nexus is a game that action RPG fans should definitely not miss. While the game lacks any real innovation, as it features themes and mechanics lifted from other Japanese RPG series, and it is a little too linear, the high quality of the experience makes it easy to look past these few issues, making Scarlet Nexus a memorable, and extremely enjoyable game.

Scarlet Nexus is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series x, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One worldwide.