Scarface: The World Is Yours Unreal Engine 5 Remake Looks Amazing in New Fan Made Concept Trailer

Francesco De Meo
Scarface: The World is Yours

Scarface: The World is Yours may not be among the best games ever released, but it was still a very good open-world action adventure that mostly succeeded in capturing the spirit of the classic movie starring Al Pacino. As the game was released back in the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox era, it looks quite dated and would benefit greatly from a remake using modern technology.

Today, TeaserPlay shared a new concept trailer, which can be watched on YouTube, showing how an Unreal Engine 5-powered remake of Scarface: The World is Yours would look like and, needless to say, it would look amazing with features like Lumen, Nanite, and ray tracing. Metahuman has also been used to recreate Al Pacino's likeness for the main character Tony Montana.

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As mentioned above, Scarface: The World is Yours was originally released on PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox back in 2006 and was ported to Wii the following year. The game is not an adaptation of the 1983 movie but a sort of sequel that starts from an alternate ending of the movie. While heavily inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series, there are many things the game does differently, such as the inability to attack or kill unhostile NPCs, a Reputation system that determines what content is available at any given time, turf mechanics, and more.

They thought you were dead but Tony Montana don't die so easy. Sosa took everything you had. Now you've got nothing but that never stopped you before. You're back with a vengeance ready to reclaim your turf and rebuild your empire. All you've got are your balls and your word.

Live the turbulent life of the infamous Cuban drug lord who redefined the American Dream in an original explosive script by famed screenwriter David McKenna (Blow American History X). Wheel deal and climb your way back to the top. First you get the money then you get the power then you get revenge!

Beat down blow away or run over your enemies with Tony's signature style and flair Bury those cock-a-roaches in Blind Rage Mode Insult intimidate and impress the way only Tony can Become the kingpin of a thriving underworld economy Experience the lavish lifestyle of a crime boss Hire henchmen to do your dirty work The open world of Miami and the Islands is yours no load times no limits.

While Scarface: The World is Yours never actually turned into a series, a sequel called Scarface Empire was in development. Footage from the canceled game made its way online earlier this year.

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