Save up to 33 Percent on Unlocked Samsung Smartphones for Cyber Monday 2020

Omar Sohail
Save up to 33 Percent on Unlocked Samsung Smartphones for Cyber Monday 2020

The holiday season for some of you isn’t over, and that’s alright because Cyber Monday 2020 is bringing forth some exciting deals for you to take advantage of. One of them is getting up to a 33 percent discount on unlocked Samsung smartphones, including a price cut on the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus. For the Galaxy S20, you can avail up to a $250 price cut, or if you want the Galaxy S20 Plus, that can be had for a whopping $300 discount.

That’s not all that’s being given a slash in its overall value because the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, which is still going strong in 2020, gets a $400 discount for Cyber Monday 2020, bringing its price down to $799.99. If you’re on a tight budget but still want a Samsung-branded smartphone for less, you should check out the Galaxy A51, which is available for $284.99 after a $115 discount. In short, there’s something here for nearly all Android handset enthusiasts, particularly those that want to carry around one made by Samsung as their daily driver.

Unfortunately, this entire suite of discounted smartphones will only be valid today, as the deal expires after a 24-hour window. If you’re interested, then it’s recommended that you make a purchase right now because there’s no telling when you’ll see similar price cuts in the future. Amazon also offers easily monthly payments for 12 months when you’re approved for an Amazon Store Card, making purchasing decisions simple for customers.

With all the convenience you’re getting, it’s time to get shopping.

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