Save $30 and Grab the Official iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case for $99 Today

iPhone 11 smart battery case discounted to just $99

Pick up a brand new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 today with a sweet $30 discount attached. You pay $99 only today.

Apple's Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Drops to Just $99 for a Limited Time

There are a ton of battery cases out there that promise to extend the battery life of your iPhone 11 significantly. But the official Smart Battery Case does it in a very genius fashion. It will charge up your smartphone without you having to interfere at all, providing power where needed no matter where you are. Costing just $129, it's not cheap either. Thankfully, you can pick it up today for a low price of just $99 straight from Amazon.

Simply slide your iPhone 11 in the case and it will power everything up using Lightning. There's even support for fast charging, so if you are using a USB-C to Lightning cable with a charger faster than 18W, you can juice up the case and phone both at lightning fast speeds. There's even support for wirelessly charging the case, for times when you don't want to deal with cables at all.

Since this is an Apple-designed case therefore you can expect a legendary fit and finish. The inside of the Smart Battery Case is lined with microfiber to keep your iPhone 11 in pristine condition at all times. Apple went a mile ahead and included a camera shutter button this time around too, so the case doubles up as a swift little camera grip.

Last but not the least, this case will extend the battery life of your iPhone 11 by up to 50%, which is a lot, given how good the iPhone 11 already is on the battery front. Essentially, this case will help you get through the day and some more if you planning to stay away from a wall outlet for a long time. And of course since this is a 'case' therefore expect it to protect your iPhone 11 at all times too.

Buy Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging (for iPhone 11) - Was $129, now just $99

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