Sandy Bridge: Intel’s Nehlam replacement!

Everyone is familiar with Intel Famous i3, i5 and i7 processors even though they have been in the market for what seems like a year now, but Intel has already created a successor to the Nehlam chip codenamed “Sandy Bridge” Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini said at a developers conference in Beijing that they will roll out the new chips as early as the Q1 of 2010 and begin commercial distribution later this year! The actual chips will be available in Q1 2011.


Intel Sandy Bridge will feature Dual and Quad core setups before showing up hexacore (6 cores) or octacore (8 cores) the new chips will run on the Intel 1155 6 Series platform codenamed “Cougar Point” (a hint to server processors coming first?) One of the brightest features of the Sandy Bridge architecture is the addition of Intel Advanced Vector Extension (AVX) , which is designed specifically for data encryption and decryption. The chip will also use Intel’s sixth generation graphics core and will include acceleration for floating point, video, and processor intensive software most often found in media applications.

These will chips will be 32nm Intel is proud to call this their fastest ramp ever, for the first Sandy Bridge iterations. CEO Paul Otellini added:

"In our manufacturing environment our factory teams have executed the ramp of our 32nm process superbly. We exceeded output expectations with lower costs than originally anticipated and are currently shipping over fifty SKUs on 32nm process. 32nm is our fastest ramping process ever and I am pleased to note we are accelerating the ramp of our third and fourth 32nm factories faster than our original plan, such that by early Q4 we will have four factories in production on 32nm,"

We can only hope that the Sandy Bridge lives up to its expectations and the hype its being given by Intel considering competitor AMD has already shown their first hexacore processors heading soon to commercial release worldwide.


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