SanDisk’s Ultra and Extreme microSD Cards are Heavily Discounted this Memorial Day Weekend


It's the Memorial Day weekend and if you're looking to score a good tech deal today then SanDisk has you covered on a wide range of microSD cards.

Update: Samsung's Memorial Day sale on microSD cards is now live too. You can check it out here.

Pretty much everyone knows by now that SanDisk makes some of the finest memory cards around. They're cheap, reliable and very fast. But if you bring the price even lower, then the 'value for money' factor just goes through the roof. And right now, the company's Ultra and Extreme lineup of cards in a number of storage configurations are heavily discounted. This means that whether you have a phone, tablet, camera, drone, dash cam, or whatever, you can expands its storage two-fold without having to bust your bank wide open. It's a deal no one should miss and we'll let you dive right into it without saying anything more.

In case you haven't noticed, there are two cards on sale in total here. One is from the Ultra lineup which is more of a mainstream thing whereas the Extreme is meant for professionals. Basically, if you need a little more oomph from your microSD card then you should invest in the Extreme. If you just need to get some work done without caring too much for fast read or write speeds then the Ultra card is your best friend here.

Planning to shoot 4K video? Then make sure that you go for the Extreme card. It is perfect for phones, tablets and drones that have 4K capability. It will also make sure that your device does not overheat while recording due to its higher specification and speed rating.

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