SanDisk Announces Dual-Flash Drive Ports With Type-C USB Included – High Read Speeds Detailed


At the Computex 2016 Trade Show, SanDisk showed off its dual-side USB flash drives that features a full-fleshed USB port on one side and a Type-C USB port at the other end. While SanDisk is getting with the curve, and that the Type-C USB interface is going to be the future, let us share some insight into the read speeds and capacity models of the latest drives announced by the company.

Dual-Sided USB Flash Drives From SanDisk Are Able To Reach A Read Speed Of 150MB/s

SanDisk has stated that its dual-sided USB flash drives feature a reversible USB Type-C connector and a traditional USB Type-A connector for easy file transfers between smartphones, tablets and computers. The company has also stated that OTG functionality (on-the-go) is going to be available for smartphones that sport such a connector so devices that unfortunately do not provide you with a MicroSD card slot; there are always alternate ways to expand your existing storage.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Type-C Flash Drive is available in 4 capacities:

  • 16GB
  • 32GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB


The variety of storage options, combined with the USB 3.1 read and write speeds, should make the thumb drive a perfect choice for people looking for a quick way to transfer files from their PCs to their mobile Type-C devices and vice versa. As for the read speeds, SanDisk has stated that these drives are able to reach a maximum sequential read speed boundary of 150MB/s. The company did not care to mention the write speeds, but we are going to wait for reviewers to get a hold of these and provide us with the necessary information.


Given below are the pricing and speed details, depending on which capacity model you end up purchasing:

  • 16GB: Read speeds of up to 130MB/s (price tag of $19.99)
  • 32GB: Read speeds of up to 150MB/s (price tag of $29.99)
  • 64GB: Read speeds of up to 150MB/s (price tag of $39.99)
  • 128GB: Read speeds of up to 150MB/s (price tag of $69.99)

If you wanted more details, then they have been listed below:

  • Interface: USB Type-C and USB Type-A connectors; USB 3.1 (Gen 1)
  • Operational temperature: 32° - 113° F (0° – 45° C)
  • Storage temperature: 14° - 158° F (-10° – 70° C)
  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 38.10 x 20.07 mm/0.37 x 1.50 x 0.79 in
  • Weight 1grams/0.02lb
  • PC/Mac computer compatibility Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X v10.6 and higher.
  • Mobile device compatibility: Smartphones, tablets, and other host devices with USB Type-C ports and On-The-Go (OTG) support.


Do you guys think that SanDisk offers the best value for money for these Type-C USB flash drives? Let us know your thoughts immediately.