Samsung Shows off Its Under Panel Camera, but It’s Not Meant for Smartphones, at Least for Now

Omar Sohail
Samsung Shows off Its Under Panel Camera, but It’s Not Meant for Smartphones, at Least for Now

Samsung has teased its first under-screen camera technology, but the Korean giant prefers to call it something else. According to the latest teaser, the company is calling the first iteration the under panel camera, and while we’d love to see it on smartphones, the latest tech isn’t arriving for them right now.

First Under Panel Camera Technology From Samsung Expected to Be Found in Its ‘Blade Bezel’ Laptops

A previous report mentioned that Samsung could skip using its under-display camera on the Galaxy S21 series entirely due to low production yield. Assuming Samsung would use this for all Galaxy S21 models, it would most likely have shot up their prices, putting the company in a terrible position in competitiveness. According to the teaser that you can check out below, it appears that the first under panel cameras will be found in the company’s laptop range.

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The clip shows a notebook computer with razor-thin bezels, which Samsung refers to as ‘Blade Bezel.’ This implies that its upcoming portable machines will have bezels that the industry might bear witness to for the first time. Also, thanks to that under panel camera technology, the laptop will sport an immaculate look. There won’t be any camera cutout because the sensor will be present behind the OLED screen.

Speaking of the OLED screen, Samsung claims that its upcoming notebook will sport a display-to-body ratio of 93 percent, and the overall footprint will be 50 percent thinner. While most OLED panels tout a thickness of around 2.1mm, Samsung states that its OLED screens will only be 1mm thick. As a result, the notebook will be significantly lighter. It’s possible Samsung decided to employ its under panel camera on laptops and not smartphones because image quality could be slightly degraded.

For those who don’t know, laptop cameras don’t hold a candle to smartphone cameras' image quality. It’s not just the quality of the sensor present in the handsets, but the level of software work producing such high quality images and video. The new Samsung laptops could be viewed as an experiment to see how well their image quality holds up during everyday use.

If most customers are satisfied, we believe Samsung will execute some tweaks in the future and then use its under panel cameras in upcoming smartphones. There are rumors that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature an under-display camera, so we’re excited to see how this will turn out.

News Source: Samsung

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