Samsung Head, Jay Lee Will Face Some Stiff Prosecution At His Thursday Trial According To Korean Special Prosecutor


Samsung's under a lot of fire lately. The Korean tech giant is under some times. To start off, it didn't do well at all with the Galaxy Note 7. The device is a public safe hazard and has wiped off billions off of Samsung's balance sheets, damaged its market reputation and put in question the company's ability to build quality devices. The company is also under prosecution by the Korean government for making bribes. In fact, acting Samsung head and heir apparent, Jay Lee will appear before court soon for these charges. Today, we've got more details on the matter. Take a look below for more.

Federal Prosecutors Preparing Hard For Jay Lee's Trial; Expect It To Feature Major Coverage

Let's face it. You dont see corporate heads under prosecution everyday. Especially if the company in question is as large as Samsung. The Korean tech giant has its claws in nearly everything that's got to do with electronics, appliances and gadgets. It contributes a fifth of the Korean GDP, so understandably, it's got a lot of influence in the country. Which makes Jae Lee's prosecution even more special. It's a big win for the Korean judicial system and prosecutors look to leave no stone unturned for the de-facto head's hearing on Thursday.

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"We are preparing hard, thinking that the upcoming Samsung trial ... could be the trial of the century that the entire world will be watching," special prosecutor Park Young-soo told Reuters. While it's highly unlikely that the entire world will watch Mr. Lee's trial, it will have a lot of following in South Korea. The trial will take place in a court with a capacity that exceeds 150 people, so authorities do expect a lot of turnout.

Lee is accused of pledging up to $37 million in donations to a presidential aid. South Korean president Park Geun Hye was impeached by the country's parliament earlier on accusations of influence peddling by a top aid. If her impeachment is upheld by the constitutional court, she will become the first South Korean president to be impeached since the country's transition to democracy.

Samsung's got a lot of big launches for the year. At the top of the list is the Korean tech giant's Galaxy S8 lineup. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will feature a lot of upgrades that include 10nm processors, edge to edge screens and design upgrades. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.