Samsung Reported to Be Testing Dual-Screen Smartphone Very Soon – Is This the Galaxy X We’ve Been Hearing About


The dual-screen smartphone, which is better known as Galaxy X to some is reportedly going to be tested by Samsung very soon. The foldable display handset is going to be using the company’s Super AMOLED display technology, and it looks like they will also feature some nifty features that the Galaxy S8 does not possess.

Samsung Said to Place Component Orders for a Maximum of 3,000 Galaxy X Units – Official Launch Might Not Take Place This Year

Testing out the prototype way before its unveiling is the smart approach to go around as it will allow the company to look at certain manufacturing loopholes that it can seal so that there are no issues in the long run. Making a foldable display smartphone has its own slew of problems, which is why the company is expected to test out a small number of units before commencing the mass production phase.

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Like several smartphone manufacturing companies that have a lot of financial muscle, Samsung could have several prototypes in the works, which means that the actual device that’s expected to be shipped to the masses might look completely different than what was previously envisioned by the company.

The Investor cites a quote stated by an individual that prefers to remain anonymous for now.

“Samsung seems to be testing the waters with the dual-screen device to gather ideas about its upcoming foldable phone.”

The rumor also states that this prototype can be folded by 180 degrees, meaning that it can transform into a book if the need ever arises. Samsung has also placed orders for components in order to produce between 2,000-3,000 units of the dual-screen device during the first half of this year. We believe that these units are going to be further tested out so it is highly unlikely that an actual product will be sold to consumers this year.

Not being able to produce a single foldable display smartphone for the masses in 2017 will not come as a setback for Samsung because it still has a mountain to climb in recovering losses over what happened with the Note7 and the Galaxy S8 family is just the product to help them generate a substantial amount of revenue.

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