Samsung Smart Switch Will Allow Future Windows 10 Phones to Transfer Data to a Samsung Phone


Transferring data across devices is definitely one of the more demanding chores when you’re switching to a completely new operating system but Samsung has made the operation extremely simple with the announcement of a new platform support for its Samsung Smart Switch app.

Samsung Smart Switch Update Brings the App to Android Nougat and Will Provide Support for Windows 10 Mobile

The latest update from the Samsung Smart Switch has not only forced Samsung’s devices to get the app running on devices that are running Android Nougat, but it will also bring support for devices that are running Windows 10 Mobile. So for example, if you’re in possession of a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone and want to make a switch to a Samsung smartphone, then the Samsung Smart Switch app will make things a breeze as far as the data transfer process is concerned.

We all know how arduous it can be switching to a different smartphone when making an upgrade and it becomes even more difficult when you’re moving to a completely different platform. Aside from having to get used to the different layout and user interface, you also have to get used to the fact that you will have to go through the excruciating experience of transferring your data from the previous handset to your current one (image via Sammobile).

With the Samsung Smart Switch, all those hurdles that you had to scale before are no longer going to be present. The app is officially available from the Google Play Store so you can download it right away. Before you download the app, make sure from before what exactly can be transferred and what cannot so you’ll be up to speed on what exactly can you send to your other devices effortlessly. The last thing you want is to waste your precious time because of a minor mistake.