Samsung Researchers Caught Leaking Valuable OLED Tech to China Get Charged by South Korean Authorities


Samsung has been at the forefront of display technology, investing billions of dollars each year developing new manufacturing techniques to use in a variety of products. Unfortunately, for two Samsung Display researchers and one other individual, they were caught selling this technology to China. South Korean authorities have charged the three individuals with corporate espionage that would benefit China and force Samsung into absorbing millions of dollars in damages.

The Case Focuses More on Samsung Employing a New Inkjet Method for OLED Production

The identities of the people responsible have not been revealed, only their ages; 46 and 37, and both of them held senior positions at Samsung Display. The third person happens to be a director of a display equipment manufacturer that Samsung partnered with in the past. According to the report from Sammobile, they are currently only being charged with failure to protect sensitive technology from reaching the wrong hands, which can mean that their punishment in the court of law might be less severe unless there’s some new evidence found.

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As for what these three individuals were selling the Chinese, Asia Time reports that Samsung uses an inkjet printing method for OLED production. It’s possible that the people involved with leaking technological secrets revealed the process specifications Samsung Display experimented with in the second half of 2019. Following a detailed investigation, the Chinese company subsidiary that was linked with the tech theft had its high-ranking officials detained as well.

Samsung has reportedly invested approximately $8.5 million over the last three years developing the inkjet printing specification as this is possibly the only way in which the Korean giant can remain competitive in the wake of increasing competition from Chinese firms such as BOE. Samsung Display could implement this inkjet printing technique as early as October 2020, becoming the first display manufacturer to do so.

Other Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese are also researching the same inkjet technique, but it’s obvious they are behind Samsung in every possible way.

News Source: Asia Time