Samsung To Provide DDR4 RAM For LG And The Next iPhone Through Massive Deal Signing


Korean manufacturer Samsung seems to be having a good day when it comes to hardware. After the company's announcement of the world's first 10nm FinFET manufacturing process for mobile SoC earlier today, it has also signed some mega deals for memory components for two of the world's leading manufacturers - LG and Apple.

Samsung logoSamsung Signs Deals With Apple And LG For DDR4 RAM Chips For The iPhone And LG G4

In news out of Korea today, Samsung has signed on deals to provide both Apple and LG for memory chips on their upcoming flagship devices. The devices are expected to be the LG G4 and the iPhone 6S, which is the tentative name given to Apple's expected flagship device this year by KoreaTimes' industry source. While there's no date or a single credible rumor surrounding Apple's flagship, we do know quite a lot about LG's flagship. The LG G4 is expected to come this April after both HTC and Samsung are done with their mobile launches for 2015.

LG's looking to set its device apart in more than one way this time around, with special focus laid towards the device's design, and as highlighted above, its launch date. The mobile chips being supplied by Samsung are by no accounts confirmed to be DDR4 however as the source suggests that Samsung will be providing 100% of DRAM chips for LG and nearly half of the workload for Apple on the next iPhone. Good news for the Korean manufacturer as it suggests that Samsung can also become established as one of the world's foremost hardware manufacturer as well, in addition to mobile devices and other general items. The earlier announcement to 10nm is also said by the company to be a major step towards the Internet of Things since smaller chips will pave a way for better devices. We'll keep you updated, stay tuned.