Samsung Hopes To Turn S-Pen Into A Wand With Pokemon Go’s Creator!


Korean tech giant Samsung is eager to change its brand image. The company launched the Galaxy Note 9 with Fortnite pre-installed, in order to dilute the phablet's brand image as a gadget that caters primarily to professional users. Now, we're learning that Fortnite isn't the end of gaming for the Galaxy S and Note lineup. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung Reportedly Looking To Invest $40 Million In Niantec For Developing Exclusive Games For Its Gadgets

After Fortnite for the Note 9, Samsung's looking forward. A new report suggests that the company is looking to invest $40 million into Niantec, the company that's behind Pokemon Go. The motive behind this move is to develop custom-made games for the Galaxy Note and S lineup. The report suggests that Samsung is also interested in Pokemon Go, but Niantec is eager to protect this bit of intellectual property.

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Therefore, both firms will collaborate on a new Harry Potter game, which will be exclusive to the Note lineup. Remember Samsung overhauling the S-Pen with the Galaxy Note 9? Well, the S-Pen will play (no pun intended) a big role in this game. According to today's report, the game will let users use the accessory as a wand.

Additionally, the relationship will benefit both the parties. Niantec is eager to raise funding for its IPO while Samsung wants to differentiate itself from the competition. Samsung's Galaxy S9 lineup didn't sell particularly well, and as a result, we saw the Note 9's launch take place with additional flair and zest.

"After a lot of haggling, and pushing, Niantic refused to make the features without a large investment from Samsung, and the number they arrived at was $40m", believes the source of this information.

Finally, both companies are hesitant to make the deal public before significant technical progress is made. If it weren't for Samsung's desire to use the S-Pen as a wand in a Harry Potter game, we'd bet that this collaboration would target the Galaxy S10 lineup. But, any conclusions reached at this point in time are immature.

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