Samsung Phones Could Soon Ship with Chinese OLED Panels

Furqan Shahid
Samsung Phones Could Soon Ship with Chinese OLED Panels
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There is no denying that the dominance of Samsung Display continues throughout the industry. Being the leading supplier of OLED panels for mobile phones around the world. However, new reports suggest that Korean giant could start buying OLED panels from Chinese companies as well.

A new report has highlighted the possibility of another major Chinese display supplier joining Samsung's OLED supply chain; this means that there is a possibility of more company's phones using Chinese OLED panels.

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Lots of Samsung Phones Could Soon Start Using OLED Panels from China

The company's decision to opt for Chinese OLED panels is actually related to the company is looking to be more competitive in the entry-level smartphone market. OLED panels from China are going to cost less as compared to the ones that Samsung Display makes.

This means that Samsung would be able to bring OLED panels to cheaper devices while being competitive at the same time. The upcoming M series of smartphones from Samsung could be the first to utilize OLED panels provided by BOE, a famous Chinese manufacturer.

A new report from China talks about how TCL will now be supplying OLED panels to Samsung Electronics. Both companies already enjoy a close working relationship. Samsung sold its LCD production line to TCL last year and also acquired a stake in the company. TCL is already responsible for over 15% of Samsung's LCD panel requirements for its TVs.

With the new deal, the relationship between both companies is only going to strengthen. However, it is still unclear which devices these panels might be used for. There is a chance that Samsung might also shift to using Chinese panels for its A series of phones.

Whatever the result is, we are looking forward to seeing how this deal goes through and whether the Chinese OLED panels give out the same result or not.

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